Black lums

Black Lums

Black Lums are actually Red Lums who have been enraged or frightened, and filled with hate. Andre was the first Black Lum, 'The Lord of the Black Lums'. Andre then went around, changing other red Lums into Black Lums. He quickly assembled an entire swarm of black lums before committing various offences, as shaving animal's fur, and attacking innocent creatures. When enough Black lums are in a swarm, they can form a Hoodlum. Hoodlums are humanoid, and their actual form is hidden behind cloth, gloves, and ten gallon hats.

Hoodlums carry gun like weapons that shoot out fireballs. When Rayman defeats a Hoodlum, a Black Lum will be seen flying away. Some Hoodlums also have dollar signs floating above their heads. This symbolizes that they are carrying a special powerup which Rayman can use to temporarily gain new powers. Later on in the game, Rayman gains the abilitiy to make silly faces. When Black Lums sees this, they will laugh, and change back into a red Lum. They are usually characterized as dumb, with jokes about them seen on the pause menu, saying things such as: SPECIAL NEWS-FLASH: A Hoodlum has just succeeded counting up to four. In Rayman 3 (Gameboy Advance), Ly states that Black Lums like places where it's warm, damp, and humid; for example, swamps,. They also seem to like fermented Plum Juice. It is possible that Blacklums are all male as Andre refers to them as his "brothers".


Black Lums appear similar to other lums, instead of resembling balls of energy, they appear to be balls of black fur. They are evil lums created by scaring red lums. Making a Black Lum laugh turns it back into a red lum.

Hoodlum types

In Hoodlum Havoc, there are a few different types of Hoodlums. The types are listed below. Most hoodlums resemble cowboys, rednecks, or scarecrows, due to masks they wear.

  • Hoodblaster - These are the most common enemies in the game. They will use their gun to shoot Rayman. If you get too close, they will whack you with their weapon. Damage until Kill: 2 or 3 punches or 1 fully charged punch.
  • Hoodstyler - These Hoodlums are almost the same as the Hoodblasters, but they take a little bit more effort to kill. They have red and blue colored clothes. Damage until Kill: 4 or 5 punches.
  • Elite Monger - These Hoodlums are dangerous. You might need to jump around a bit while throwing punches because when they shoot their guns, there are 3 bullets going different directions. Tip: They always protect themselves with their guns, so the best thing to do is to run behind them and throw punches. Damage until Kill: 7 or 8 punches.
  • Grim Keeper - These Hoodlum have shields that they will hold up to protect themselves from attacks. They have little bomb-like Hoodlums called Grims that chase after Rayman. Rayman needs to confuse it by strafing left and right while using curved punches to defeat it. Damage until Kill: 3 charged punches.
  • Hoodboom - Hoodbooms are usually in high, hard to reach areas. They throw down normal bombs with the lit fuse. They explode on impact. They may also bounce. This species has a bonus game based on it. Damage until kill: 1 charged punch or 2 punches.
  • Stumbleboom- Hoodbooms on stilts. They need to be Lowered using the Vortex
  • Hoodoo - Shaman Hoodlum are invisible. They do not attack Rayman, but instead use their magic to summon a protective forcefield around another Hoodlum. Rayman cannot attack Shamans while they are invisible, but when they summon a forcefield, they become visible, meaning that Rayman will have to attack a Hoodlum, then turn around and quickly attack the Shaman to defeat it. Damage until Kill: 3 punches.
  • Slapdash - These Hoodlums dig out of the ground and if Rayman gets to close, they punch him. They are VERY weak. Damage until Kill: 1 punch.
  • Heckler - The most heavily armored enemy in the game. It shoots gun shots, and will squish Rayman if he gets close. Damage until Kill: Many Heavy Metal Fist punches.
  • Hoodstormer - Hoodstormers are more of a machine type of Hoodlum, but still a Hoodlum nonetheless. They are immune to straight shot, so use curved shots. Damage until Kill: 4 or 5 curved shots.
  • Lavicraft - The Lavicraft is like a souped up version of the Hoodstormer. It's larger, has different attacks, and stronger weapons. Like the Hoodstormer, you need to use curved shots to kill it. Damage until Kill: 4 or 5 curved shots.
  • Hoodlock - The Hoodlock is a unique type of Hoodlum, as it can be pushed into fire or water by shooting your fists at one. If there's no hazards to push one into, use a Heavy Metal Fist powerup. Also, if you get too close, they will make an odd warbling sound, spin their fists around, and move back to where they were when the player found them. While spinning, punches will deflect off them. Damage until Kill: Hazard or 1 Chargerd Heavy Metal Fist shot.


  • In the new Rayman Legends, Some black furry enemies appears in the few level who's resembled the black lums from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, And could possible even be the same species.
  • They resemble the Creatures from the game Badlands.
  • They look a lot like the little flies in magnified mode.
  • Their name 'Hoodlum' came from the word to mean gangster (Chiefly U.S.) or criminal, etc and it shows that they act like criminals.