Big Mama is the final boss of Rayman Origins. She is in fact the benevolent nymph of the Land of the Livid Dead, who was transformed into an evil and horrific tentacled monster by either The Magician or The Bubble Dreamer's nightmares. Her real name as a nymph is Fée de la Mort.


As a Monster


Artwork of Big Mama.

As Big Mama, she is a gigantic and hideous entity with red skin, long lanky arms and numerous eyes and tentacles. The only trait that remains of her fairy form is her purple hair and gold wristbands.

As a Nymph

After her defeat, Big Mama appears as a very gothic Member of the Nymph Sisterhood. She has numerous tattoos on her arms and legs. She sports a pink dress, with a hairy skull on the front. She has spiky, Golden wristbands, (not unlike her monster form) with a hairy skull hanging from each ear. Her hair is purple, with three "ponytails" with bones on the end. In addition, her wings are miniature bat wings instead of mini fairy wings, with dark rings underneath her eyes.


*note her

  • Big Mama is the only Nymph in the game that does not give Rayman and Co. a new ability.
  • "Fée de la Mort" is French for "Death Fairy" or "Fairy of Death".
  • Several editions of The Daily Bubble revealed that in an early version of the game, Big Mama was originally going to be a middle-aged female Glute known as Mamma Hité or "Voodoo Mamma", who bore a strong resemblance to Big Mama. However in the final version of the game, Mamma Hité was replaced by Fée as Big Mama's true form and removed from the final version of the game. Despite this, Mama Hité is briefly mentioned by Bubble Dreamer in the Snoring Tree.