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Band Land is the second world found in Rayman (game). As the name suggests, the entire world is music themed. In this world, Rayman is almost always walking along something music related, including flutes, drums, green maracas, bongos, music note-like terrain, and more. There are four areas in this game, plus one Save Point in the Band Land area. They are Bongo Hills, Allegro Presto, Gong Heights, and Mr. Sax's Hullabaloo.


Band Land's scenery is filled with musical instruments, and chirpy music plays in the background. Some levels have a dark blue background, the others creamy red. Mystical slow music plays while adventuring those with a red one.
Rayman in music land

Rayman in Bongo Hills, Band land (PS1 Version)


Although Band Land looks like a nice, bright place, it of course has it's enemies. They are


Unique Terrain/Obstacles

Band Land also has some hazards that can cost Rayman a few lives. Note: These will not include normal walking terrain like the drum tops, that do nothing.


Rayman is a great, brave hero, but even he needs some help.


Because of the first level 'Bongo Hills' having 6 scenes and making possibly the longest level in the game, many fans have considered this level to be the hardest, also possibly due to the tricky course in scene 5 and the frustrating lightning in scene 4.

Band Land's Main Theme:

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