Baby Globox

A few of Globox's many children

The Baby Globoxes are Globox and Uglette's children. They are very numerous, up to 650 at last count. They look like Keropyontchi from the Tamagotchi Ocean (Umi No Tamagotch), due to Keropyontchi's appearance, and how Keropyontchi acts, though Keropyontchi does not cry like the Baby Globoxes do in the games.


They come in a variety of colors, like red, blue, pink, hot pink, yellow, and light blue for example. Some of them have symbols embedded on their stomachs, like a skull marking, or a heart. Many of the Baby Globoxes can be different sizes, but in Rayman 2, some of them are the same size and color, and the other colors have not been seen and/or mentioned. Some of them wear bows and glasses, or both at the same time. They are never seen wearing diapers, nor other types of clothing. They sometimes inherit the traits of their parents, like color, size, and eyes.

They can talk, but they speak in complete gibberish in Rayman 2. Their talking and crying is followed by a series of squeaking noises, like a chew toy. They can be shown jumping happily, or bursting into tears. They do not croak like a normal frog, however, but they show expressions.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

In Rayman 2, the children begin to cry when they realize that their dad is missing. There is a level later where you have to free them all from the prison ships, and at the end, they hug Rayman after finding out that he is still alive.

In the Rayman Revolution version of game, Globox babies can be found at Minisaurus Plains and at Globox's house where they are playing soccer. However, after Globox gets recaptured the babies start crying again, even when you finish the game.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc GBA

The children do not appear in Rayman 3, however they do have a minor role in the GBA version. At the end, Globox tells his offspring how he "single-handedly" stopped Admiral Razorbeard.

Rayman Raving Rabbids

The Baby Globoxes change in appearance drastically in this game. At the beginning, Rayman is having a picnic with them, only for it to be invaded by the Rabbids. They are captured along with Rayman. At the end, after escaping, Rayman realizes he forgot to free the children, however the story ends there. It is unknown what became of the Baby Globoxes after this, as they were captured by the Rabbids. The Baby Globoxes were put into four cages that surrounds the colosseum (each cage holding three of them). After Rayman completes three out of the four challenges he plays a type of boss level and has to get to them, while battling rabbids. At the end of a boss level, a baby Globox will appear in a small cage that will drop and free the baby Globox. Also, if you get close enough to the cages in the colosseum, you can hear them crying.