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Al Infermo is a boss in Rayman Origins that is fought in the level My Heartburn's For You. He was one of the four kings that was mutated and became more violent due either to Polokus's nightmares or the Magician's schemes. Normally, he resembles a tiny, reddish-purple carnosaur with a chef hat and an Italian accent. When corrupted however, he looks more like an enormously bloated crocodilian or dragon. He has two black spines on his nose resembling a moustache, and appears to be wearing a bib. He is too powerful to be fought directly, and Rayman must get eaten by him and travel through his body until he reaches the stomach. His digestive tract is riddled with spike-covered blood vessels, and swirling trails of fire periodically rush through it (implied to be a form of acid reflux). Dragon waiters are even found wandering his body, suggesting that he resorted to eating his own servants. Within his stomach, a cooking pot of some sort is found floating in gastric acid, and must be used as a platform to keep Rayman from being digested. During the fight, the acid slowly rises, eventually producing a series of bubbles and corroding the cooking pot into nothing. After defeating him, Rayman is driven out of his body by a huge blast of fire.


  • His stomach wall is slightly transparent, and his beating heart can be seen behind it.