Airy Tunes

Airy Tunes is the second area of the Gameboy Color adaption of Rayman 1. It is split up into four different parts.

Overall there are 8 cages in the entire area just as 3 hidden lives. There are a lot of similarities to Band Land, the second world of Rayman 1:

  • Slippery Platforms
  • Bongos
  • Sharp Notes
  • Trumpets
  • Lightning Eyes

Part 1

Rayman has to chase the level end sign across the screen. Two cages can be found but only one during the first visit.

Part 2

There is a scene with trumpets that reminds of a part in Allegro Presto, a part of Band Land in Rayman 1. Two lives and two cages can be found, out of which one can't be obtained during the first visit.

Part 3

This part contains a bonus level, a bonus life and two cages. Again, one can´t be found during the first visit.

Part 4

Rayman is supposed to take a long way around the level to get back to the start from where on a new way to the level end sign has been triggered. However, there turns out to be a very easy and obvious way to skip that by taking a shortcut to the right directly after the beginning and trigger the new way without taking the long route. Two cages can be found and a bonus level.