Adult Moskito is the same as Moskito can either be the second boss, depending on the order the player chooses, in Rayman 1. Adult Moskito is most likely of the same family of Bzzit and possibly his father. Adult Moskito is fought in Moskito's Nest. Adult Moskito looks slightly different than Bzzit. Adult Moskito has a gray proboscis, orange wings, purple-ish hands, and a red/dark pink body and eye lids. Unlike Bzzit, Adult Moskito will not befriend Rayman after he is defeated. Adult Moskito's battle takes place on what seems to be a large branch of a tree, with vines dangling all over it.


Adult Moskito has 12 hit points. To damage Adult Moskito, Rayman must simply punch him anywhere. Adult Moskito attacks by poking Rayman with his proboscis, dropping small, orange, spiky fruit on him, medium sized, red, spiky fruit (which it seems he has trouble carrying), dashing at the bottom or middle of the screen, and touching Rayman with a giant, purple, spiky fruit. The orange fruits will be dropped to the ground, will bounce once, and vanish. The red ones will bounce a few times across the screen. There can be up to two or three of these red fruit bouncing on the screen at once. The giant purple fruit can be avoided by ducking. Well the red, medium-sized spiky fruit can be avoided by waiting for it to bounce through him, then walk through and don't try to jump on them because it might hurt him.

Adult Moskito will start dropping the red spiky fruit, and dashing across the screen after his third hit. After the fifth hit, he will begin using the giant, purple, spiky fruit. When Adult Moskito has three hit points left, he will use and orange fruit, a red fruit, a purple one, and will then dash at Rayman. When Adult Moskito is defeated, he drops to the ground, and sits there, depressed similar to Bzzit, except it doesn't cry and wants to be Rayman's best friend. After this battle, Betilla awards Rayman with the ability to grab on to the pink rings.


  • In the PlayStation version of Rayman 1, Adult Moskito has different colors than the earlier boss Moskito. In later versions like Rayman Advance, the two Moskitos have no differences in color.

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