Rayman 3 - 2D Madness Minigame02:08

Rayman 3 - 2D Madness Minigame

2D Madness Gameplay

2D Madness is an arcade bonus game in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. In the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC versions, Rayman must get 1,000 points. However, in the Gamecube version, the player must find all of the Teensie cages.


2D Madness is similar to The Dream Forest, the first level from the original Rayman, but with updated gameplay elements from Hoodlum Havoc, including the 3D models of Rayman, Slapdashes, and jewels. The player must go from left to right, collecting jewels, fighting enemies, and avoiding hazards. At the bottom of the screen are two bars: a red one representing a timer, and a yellow one representing the score the player must get. Collecting jewels is the only way to deplete the yellow bar, while the red bar steadily ticks down. If the player suffers even one hit, or runs out of time, the game is lost.


  • The game uses the same physics as the rest of the game, so there are some quirks: Rayman loses most of his forward momentum while jumping, his helicopter can be used indefinitely, he can still run freely while charging his fist, and he can stay in water for 1 second before dying.
  • Some jewels cannot be obtained just by standing in front. In fact, Rayman must attempt to push against the "back wall" (pressing forward on the controller to see his back) to gain some of them. This is the only instance where 3D gameplay is even referenced, possibly unintentionally.

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